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GMail Hacks/Tips

I’ve been using GMail
since 2004 and have always thought it was the best email service. With the large
amount of space it offers, and the amazing features
the possibilities are endless. The filter feature is easily the best feature
of GMail. You can use it for its purpose - to filter spam and other unwanted
emails. Or use it in some unique ways such as bookmarking, and storing recipes.
Here are some nifty hacks/tips that allow you to get the most out of your GMail

  1. GMail based blog

    This is an awesome idea to allow you to blog via GMail.
    Who needs an SQL database when you can save your posts to GMail?

  2. Encrypt
    all GMail traffic

    This is just a simple tip allowing you to encrypt your whole
    session. When you go to GMail.com only the login is encrypted. When you
    go to GMail.com.
    At https://gmail.google.com the whole session is encrypted.

  3. Make a GMail

    This is a simple yet brilliant idea to make use of that 2.7 gigs
    and counting of space GMail allows. This will create a new “partition” in
    explorer. You can then save files/folders to your GMail account via the explorer
    Create one simple filter so none of the files clutter up your inbox and you’re
    set. I believe this is against the GMail terms of service, but I’ve
    been using it for a while with no problems.

  4. Linux on GMail

    This awesome hack allows you to have a Linux file system
    installed on your GMail account. It will give you basic *nix commands such
    as cp mv rm and ls.
    This is by far the neatest of all these.

  5. Use GMail as notepad

    It’s such a simple yet effective idea. Using GMail’s
    ability to save drafts you can edit and save text just like notepad. There
    are actually
    more advantages to using GMail as a simple notepad such as spell check and
    the fact that you can access the documents from anywhere.

  6. GMail skins

    Tired of the same old default GMail theme? Not anymore. Use
    this simple firefox plugin to change the color and basic layout of your
    GMail account.

  7. GMail manager

    This firefox plugin allows you to manage multiple GMail accounts
    from firefox. It will give you basic stats about all your GMail accounts,
    and can check for
    new mail at a user defined interval.

  8. GNotify

This one is actually by
Google. It’s a simple yet totally needed plugin.
It tells you when you have mail with a very unobtrusive notify box in the lower
right hand corner of your screen. It also opens a new tab in your browser with
the email and subject already filled out when you click a mailto: link. This
is a must have for people who depend on their email.

for people who depend on their email.

“GMail Hacks/Tips”