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How To Be Number One With Google

If you even remotely interested in the search engine optimization industry and want to start up your own blog, website, or another product that may generate revenue for you, now is the time to take initiative to start up your own article, revenue generating website. Many people do it all across the world and you do not have to be the exception. There is one simple step to become the number one spot on Google's search engine, and that step is by submitting articles.

You may ask yourself at this point how it would be possible for one to simply submit articles and get paid for it. That is a very good question and is asked by many people who do not fully understand Google's model for all of its customers yet. There is a process that you must follow, however, in order for your articles to generate revenue for you all day long. That process may come easily for some, although for most people it takes a little bit of effort.

The first thing that you must realize when dealing with Google's Adsense is that your articles are the main focus of the ads that they put on your website. Whether you know it or not, Google generates ads for your website so that more traffic will be attracted to their ads that they place on your website. In a sense, you can think of Google's Adsense as a sort of advertising for Google itself. Yes, once you start your own website and place Google ads all across it, you will be starting to generate revenue once someone starts clicking the ads that Google wants your website to display. However, this is not to say that you should click your own ads; that technique will only get you banned from Google itself and you'll be out all the money that you could have made with the help of Google.

After you have made a website with articles splashed all over it, the next thing that you must do on a weekly, if not daily basis is to add more articles to your website. As mentioned, the articles are the main focus of how Google decides to place ads on your website. What logically follows is that the more articles you have on your website the better. If you have many articles then Google will deem it necessary to place lots of ads on your website. However, the opposite is also true. If you are not very motivated and do not submit that many articles within a day or week, Google won't give you very many ads.

So the key to getting the number one spot on Google is to submit articles on a daily basis. If you cannot do all this work by yourself, you may consider getting a partner or even hiring the work to be done. Both of those things will cost money in the long run and you need to make sure that the costs do not outshine the revenue generated from Google. But that is a whole other story altogether. The absolute rule that you must follow in order to get the number one spot on Google is to submit articles on a daily basis and make sure that they are what Google wants for its ads!

by Jane Scaplen

“How To Be Number One With Google”