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Link by Link - How to Build Web Site Traffic

A fundamentally important ingredient used by the search engines is the analysis of incoming links. While the science is quite sophisticated, the basic idea is this - if a web site is important and popular, it will have more links leading to it. The fewer outside links, the less important it is deemed to be - at least for this particular search variable.

The most basic links are those found on the search engines themselves. They will link to content and information on your site based on the keywords and updated information. Most search engines will allow you to submit your site directly to speed up the process and a few will even rank your site in exchange for a small fee. If you're in a rush to get things moving, consider these options, but otherwise stick to the free listings.

As well, there are a number of services available for generating links. A "link exchange" is a membership type program that puts your link on the web sites of other members and vise versa. This builds the number of external links and helps all the members equally. Some of these services will provide the links automatically (something like the Google system) and some will even regularly update and rotate links to enhance the effect. The better services will also allow you to choose links by category in order to keep your external links relevant. There's more details about linking strategies on my web site at http://themoneytreeguide.com You can also find a number of great resources there to help you optimize your link strategy.

Some link services are free and require you to put links on your site, too. Others offer a "one way link" service where you can pay to have others link to your site without having to put them on your own site. Although this is a highly recommended option, it can be a bit pricey, so start small and work your way up once you start generating income. The advantage is that by paying for one way links you get quality site placement, highly ranked sites and relevant links. The bigger search engines now recognize the link exchanges and will discount their impact on your ranking - one way links don't have this problem.

Brian Metcalfe

“Link by Link - How to Build Web Site Traffic”

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